Project RESeT

Co-Designing a Virtual-Reality Environment in Oculus to reduce stress in teens.


My Role 

User Testing, Ideation, Prototyping,
Visual & Interaction Design


Figma, Sketch, Premiere Pro, Blender,
Unreal Engine, Bodystorming, Whiteboarding


7 months (Ongoing)

Team Size

12 members


National Science Foundation & University of Washington Reality Lab


Momentary Experience Lab (RESeT), Human-Center Design and Engineering, University of Washington


How effective is virtual relaxation at reducing stress for teens over time?

Here I was a Product Designer in a team of 12 people
(1 Senior UX Research Scientist, 4 Qualitative Researchers, 2  Graphic Designers, 2 Asset Designers, 2 Product Designer and
myself -- Product Designer). 

My main responsibility was to work on Unreal Engine to design a virtual world with an immersive measurement tool to capture the immediate effect of the interaction. 

This project is still in progress. Hence, I can showcase only the current progress.

RESeT (Relaxation Environment for Stress in Teens) is the design and development  of a  self-administered, school-based stress intervention aimed to increase access by minimizing school personnel and student burden. Through a participatory approach to human-centered design, we have collaborated with teens as co-designers to design and develop mindfulness-based interactions in a virtual environment.

Project Highlight

This video gives you an overview of the virtual world where one of our participants interacts. What you see around in the snow is the footpath where I designed for users to explore spatially with their oculus headsets.

I'm currently working on this VR environment.

Coming Soon

You can reach out to me to learn more about this project. This is still in progress and I'd be happy to have a chat with you. 

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