Development & Product Design

ToolsHTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Cordova, Photoshop, Zeplin, Android Studio, Swift

Methods: UX engineeringUser Testing, Ideation, Prototyping, Product Design

Team Size: 4 members 

Duration: 6 months

Location: Aspire Systems (Client - Lloyds Bank )

Plus is a concept app which I worked at Aspire Systems along with a talented team from Dublin and Chennai. We worked on building a hybrid mobile application that was showcased at the Temenos TCF Conference. The main focus of this project was to target European banks like Lloyds, Metro, and many more. To reach our main goal of transforming the complicated online financial world into something far better for users we challenged ourselves to build the simplest, most delightful, and enjoyable digital banking design ever experienced. We strove to prove that it's achievable without losing any of the wide variety of banking functions.

Our challenge was not only to create the simplest banking app interface on a single platform but also to maintain its functionality across multiple platforms by developing once and targeting across WebView, iOS and Android thus saving time on each native development.

Entry Points

One of the complexities of this project was the number of entry points this workflow had across the start-up screen. After white-boarding out all of the different flows, we collaborated with the Digital Product Manager and the team overseas to understand the goals and motivations behind each of the separate use cases. By doing this, we were able to create a far more tailored experience for each flow to meet the needs, whether it was making a quick payment or checking transaction history.

User Flow


  • Users can log in to their accounts with any of the 3 types of authentication methods to view and control their activity on their accounts.



  • Users can perform tasks like Quickpay, Quick Transfer, Look for offers and check their account balance using QuickBalance by swiping up for a grid menu.  

  • Icons on the Quicklinks allows the user to drag and drop into their preferred positions for ease of reachability and ease of use.

  • Icons that are dragged to their new positions are saved, for the next time user visits into the same Quicklinks grid menu.



  • Users on selecting Quickbalance can peek into their account and have a look into their stash and balance.



  • Users can make fast payments without having to log in to their account by just tapping on Quickpay.

  • Initially, the feature supports for transactions up to £30 but for a transaction above £30 users would have to authenticate to complete the transaction.

Additional Features

User Accounts


  • Users on login can view into their account, transactions and get more insights on each type of account.

  • Understanding that users want to view all of their accounts on the same screen, the card view approach provides better usability.

  • Each card has the ability to morph exactly to full screen on a single tap.

  • Swipe gestures allow users to swipe across different cards across savings, borrow and miscellaneous cover options.

  • Matrix view enables users to view all their accounts at once in a single grid view structure.

  • Each information available in the account details view is mapped to a respective action to perform payment. 

Visual Layout and Design