Food Delivery Website


Programming and Tools:

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Java, Photoshop, Google Analytics


4 Weeks

Joyfetch is a Corporate Food Delivery startup in Pune, for whom I developed a Website. I worked as a freelancer, designing and developing a website for the startup. The main focus of this project was to build a minimalistic website which talked about their presence and the services they offered. I also concentrated on working with Colors and Font Families.

The main challenge of the development was to target mobile users by making the website responsive, since most of the users these days access the website from their smartphone than compared to desktop.

User Story
  • Users can choose between the two of the offered meal boxes, described with what they are offered, concerning the cost of each box.

  • Contact us button lets users to immediately contact by mentioning their details for placing their order. 

  • Users can view photos in the photo gallery with a popup hovering carousel, that gives a detailed view of the service and meal boxes they are offered.

  • The site embeds Google Map locations which enable users to view the location where the delivery takes place in the city of Pune.

  • Users visiting the website, who wish to view the website in their local language can effortlessly change the website language to their local preferred language. 

Project Milestones
  • Implemented the "Contact Us" feature

  • Created a responsive Photo Gallery pop-up Carousel with an auto slider. 

  • Worked with Color and Website Font Family.

  • Embedded Google Maps for delivery location information.

  • Enabled Users visiting the website to set to their local preferred language. 

  • Responsive support for all device types.

Color Code
Font Family
Cabin Regular






The Cabin font family is a humanist sans with 4 weights and true italics, inspired by Edward Johnston's and Eric Gill's typefaces, with a touch of modernism. Cabin incorporates modern proportions, optical adjustments, and some elements of the geometric sans. It remains true to its roots but has its own personality. The weight distribution is almost monotone, although the top and bottom curves are slightly thin. Counters of the b, g, p, and q are rounded and optically adjusted. The curved stem endings have a 10-degree angle. E and F have shorter center arms. M is splashed.